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Nanticoke Historical Society

Sunday, January 18, 2015

David Price Medal 1926

We have a small team that does our research.  Many hours of hard work and time is voluntarily dedicated to our cause and is invested in our efforts.  As of late, to help with our efforts to collect and archive our history we have started a Facebook page.  Since then we have been receiving a lot of photos and stories from our followers.  Facebook has dramatically helped in improving our visibility.  It has been a remarkable tool in bringing in the community.

One of the most remarkable events

One of the most remarkable events that has occurred was from a contact that has helped our efforts significantly.  A few months back through a Facebook contact Roger Gilbert, an acquaintance of NHS requested some information about a gold medal that he had in his possession, hoping that one of our followers would have some knowledge of this medal.  No one responded.  Roger posted that he was going to dispose of the medal.  We requested that he donate the medal to our Society.  Since the medal was gold and had some monetary value, Roger negotiated an agreement: an exchange of the medal for 2 lifetime memberships with the Society.

Researching the history of the medal

The Nanticoke H.S. Basketball Team won the District Championship by
defeating Luzerne and then went on to take East Stroudsburg. They took a 28-1 record into the playoffs at State College. In the tourney, they beat in succession Reading, Harrisburg Tech, and Erie East (44-35) in the finals. The team also entered the National Playoffs in Chicago and made it all the way to the semifinals including a win over Salt Lake City, Utah when they lost to Fitchburg, MA. Leading scorers in the tourney were Dave Price who scored 52 points and Frank Domzalski who scored 39. The whole populace greeted them that the PA Railroad Depot with a large parade and bonfire.

The Ultimate Homecoming

This Gold Medal was presented by the Nanticoke National Bank to the leading scorer of the 1926 State Championship team, David Price, who scored 52 points during the tournament held at Penn State University. Through the efforts of the Nanticoke Historical Society, The Greater Nanticoke Area School Board and the School District Superintendent it is being

Placed on permanent display in the trophy case next to the 1926 State Championship Trophy.

A moment of pride

On Thursday Jan 15 the Historical Society formally donated the medal to the school district at the monthly school board meeting. 

Vice President Ken James GNA School  Board displays the medal

Mr. Ken James accepted the medal that evening.  We spoke for a few moments after the meeting.  Mr. James reflected upon a time when students were proud of the their school, their teams and fellow classmates.  He spoke of times where lines of students, parents and residents would form around the building to support and cheer on their school. Mr. James has an abundance of stories that should be shared with the community and student body.  We hope in the future, that through the Historical Society he will share with us some of those stories  and  as a media outlet let us share with all to learn appreciate.

Help us Grow

Chet Zaremba NHS and Roger Gilbert present the medal to GNA
We hope that this has been the threshold under the door to be opened up in part of the effort to bring back the pride, where Nanticoke hosted events such as the Fair Days, holiday parades, school sporting events and much more. Avenues have opened up for us.  Mayor Wiaterowski has made for us the use of the city building when available. St. Faustina's Cultural Center is also available and if necessary

the high school auditorium. The larger venues are there but we need you to fill them.
 We have a treasure buried down at the Mill House for all to uncover.  You are welcome to come and explore.  In return we would really appreciate your support, financially and with your time. Come and feel the sense of community.  It is a wonderful feeling.