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Nanticoke Historical Society

Friday, September 30, 2011

Luzerne County Community College Alumni Assoc. Fall Craft Fair

I'll be there so should you!
October 15 at the Campus of Luzerne County Community College 10AM TO 4 PM

Monday, September 19, 2011

Fall Harvest Festival 2011 at Luzerne County Community College Nanticoke November 12 th and 13th

The Nanticoke Historical Society is going to attend and assist at the Fall Harvest Festival at Luzerne County Community College Nanticoke.  The event sponsored by the South Valley Chamber of Commerce will feature paintball competition courtesy of Crazy Rabbit Paint Ball. It will take place at the the Historic Site  Concrete City.

Paint Ball Competition

 Updates and Corrections

As events unfold more detailed information will be available concerning gaming participants and vendor registration or  shuttle and parking information. Our  apologies, if we have caused you any inconvenience.

The Fall Harvest Festival
The Festival will feature vendors, exhibits and entertainment on the campus of Luzerne County Community College.  Additional details will be available as they unfold.

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sept 17 911 Ceremonies at Luzerne County Community College

It was a Saturday. The cool brisk morning of the 17th was the first fall like day of the late summer of 2011. The high puffy clouds against the blue sky made for a nearly perfect day and the day ahead of me that was about to unfold would be one to be remembered.

It was about 9:15am.  I parked in the lot B of Luzerne County Community College in anticipation of a day of reflection. As I approached the fire apparatus in place along the Prospect Street entrance of the campus, Nanticoke and Hanover Township were ready. Their long extension ladders would support a great American flag to honor the fallen of 9/11, 2001. The Nanticoke high school Marching Band was staged only a few yards from memorial and played patriotic music befitting for the occasion.

The ceremony was postponed a week due to Hurricane Lee's devastating flooding of much of the surrounding communities. But now, everyone was prepared. Dr.Karen Flannery of Luzerne County Community College hosted the event as Master of Ceremonies.  Speakers included Dr. Thomas Leary President Luzerne County Community College, Rev. Fr. Adam Sexton St. John's Russian Church Nanticoke Orthodox and member of Engine 4 Nanticoke Fire Department, Representative Gerald Mullery - 109th Legislative District and Luzerne County Commissioner Steve Urban. The National Anthem was sung by Student Susan Porter Allen.

The day honored the fallen of September 11, 2001. A piece of steel from the World Trade Center was placed at the Memorial Site adjacent to the new Fire Science Technology Training Center and the mother of fallen Firefighter Michael Scott Carlo NYFD placed a wreath in front of the Memorial.  Michael Scott Carlo perished at The World Trade Center’s Towers in 2001.

Commissioner Steve Urban spoke eloquently of the wife of a former Military colleague Colonial Oscar White. Colonial Whites wife Sandra worked as a budget analyst at the pentagon and perished as the result of acts of terror on 9/11.

Student Susan Porter Allen, in honor of a nephew who was injured in Afghanistan, a triple amputee, performed a song that she wrote.

Rev. Fr. Adam Sexton gave a closing benediction, the ceremony concluded and guests were invited for cake and refreshments at the adjacent Fire Science Center.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Flood of Sept. 8, 2011

This would be the second highest river crest since the 1972 Agnes Flood.

  • A mandatory evacuation by 4:00 pm of low lying and
     flood plain areas has been ordered for the Wyoming Valley.
  •  Luzerne County Community College is open as an evacuation center
  •  County Commissioner Maryann Petrilla announces that the National Guard has mobilized in Nanticoke
  • At 4:00 pm WBRE closes the Wilkes-Barre Studio, power is being cut in downtown
  • Governor Corbett declares a Level 1 emergency.
  • At 4:00pm this day the Susquehanna is expected to crest at 40.8 feet by 2:00am at Wilkes-Barre. The levee system protects Wilkes-Barre to 41 feet.

Here, my video shows people gathering near Weiss's  both to shop and observe the highest water in Nanticoke preceding back before Agnes in '72.  This video shows water levels rising up to as far as the State Liquor Store, a helicopter assessing the damage (possibly Gov. Tom Corbett), various cleanup efforts and the emotional climate of the afternoon of Sept 9 2011.
 Faulty monitoring equipment erroneously reports river levels lower than they actually were.

Agnes 1972

I had been away from NE Pennsylvania from 1953 until 1974.  So, I didn't experience in person the ravage of Agnes in in 1972.  Living out in Milwaukee, I can remember National news casts and videos showing the destruction of the flood. Both my parents, natives of Nanticoke, kept up on the news of events in their old home town the best that they could through news papers and television and long distance phone calls to relatives back in Nanticoke.  At that time, being of  modest means, we only had broadcast television.  Even then, cable news networks such as CNN and MSNBC were either non existent or in early development.  News was what it was.

Remembering Eloise

 My family and I were fortunate enough not to be affected by flood waters as we lived outside of the flood plain. These photos dated May 26, 1975 were taken with my Kowa  6x6 MM Single Lens Reflex Camera and Tri-X 400 ASA Black & White film and processed in my make shift basement darkroom next to the furnace.

This photo was taken in Nanticoke down on Lower Broadway when old abandon homes still stood.
This photo shows the railroad tracks just before the Nanticoke bridge. You can see the railroad crossing guards in down position activated by the flood waters over the tracks.

This photo dated: May 26, 1975 as well shows the San Souci Parkway looking toward Nanticoke from the Hanover Mall.  Harold's Market is flooded.

The Sunoco filling station, just recently reopened after a good many years on the Parkway again shows the National Guard out to help with looting patrols and cleanup efforts.

The Rosedale, a popular hangout back then, takes on significant flooding.  the Exon station adjacent on the corner of the Dundee Road and the San Souci Parkway takes on water as well.

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