Nanticoke Historical Society

Nanticoke Historical Society

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Fall / Labor Day / Halloween 2012

Pumpkin Patch at Braces Orchard
Hurricane Sandy devastated most of the east coast and damaged quite a bit of the central United States.  Fortunately the Wyoming Valley was not hit as hard as many other places.  Nanticoke was graciously spared. Now with Halloween behind we can look forward to Thanks Giving and some of us who were spared the devastation of the Super Storm have a lot to be thankful for.

But, in spite of such misfortune there was some good things about this fall to celebrate. The Fall season typically starts with the unofficial close of the summer, Labor Day.  The Fall equinox, which  occurs around the 22nd of September, marks the time of the year when the tilt of the Earth''s axis is neither towards or away from the Sun.  A time of a change of seasons, a time when daylight hours grow shorter, a time when the sky takes on a yellow-golden-red hue,  a time when the weather is neither frigidly cold as in the winter nor brutally hot as in the summer, a time of magnificent color.  Our thoughts often turn to cool morning and evenings, warm afternoons, crisp fresh apples, gourds and pumpkins, corn stalks and scarecrows and yes apple cider. The Fall is perhaps the most pleasant time of the year to get out and enjoy.  With so much to partake in one must choose.  Here are some of the things that I have chosen this year.

Mt. Airy Lodge & Casino - Labor Day

 A leisurely ride in the country side makes for a pleasant way to spend an afternoon.  I, myself am not much of a gambler.  But, the ride out to Mt. Airy Lodge was pleasant and relaxing.  I had gone with friends, while they went off to wager for some good fortune, I strolled around the grounds where there was plenty else to do.  It was the Labor Day celebration at Mt. Airy and had much for others that did not choose to enjoy the gaming.  There were food vendors, live entertainment, fireworks, horse drawn wagon rides and the very pleasant Lodge grounds to stroll around  and enjoy.  We stopped for lunch inside the Casino in a 50's style dinner.  The food was quite good.  Service excellent.  And the prices, considering that we were in the Poconos  were quite reasonable.

Carlisle Fall Auctions

On a Friday in October I took a ride down to Carlisle for the Fall Auctions.  If your not familiar with the Fall Auctions, they are all about a vintage automobile enthusiasts and their cars. No matter what vehicle of choice is yours, anything and everything you might imagine is available here. Whatever your year make or model, there is something for your restoration project. New re-manufactured stock, new old stock, used old stock, it's all there.  Many times parts for your old car are simply not made any more. Fellow enthusiasts may buy old cars from people who may have old vehicles in barns or fields for parts and then sell off parts they may not need for themselves.
I, myself am not into automobile restoration, but I do have a friend that is.  My interest was in visiting South Central Pennsylvania, the Shippensburg area in particular.  There is something about the South Central PA that I've liked since visits to Carlisle. Just slightly warmer by a few degrees the fall colors were at their peak. The area, very close to the DC area, is a very pleasant place to visit. I immensely enjoy visiting my new friends Teri & Chris Pensinis, proprietors of North Hanover Grill Carlisle. Their restaurant, only a few minutes from the Carlisle Fair Grounds is a great place to get something to eat and beverage or two. Chris's establishment is very pleasantly styled in concert with the N. Hanover Street Historic District in Carlisle.

Wheels @ Nuangola Halloween Bash

Cindy and Roz stop for a picture. My friends Roz and Bruce setup for an evening of good music.  R&B DJ's, you would think would be Rhythm & Blues, but they do all kinds of music.  This evening at Wheels @ Nuangola they had an impromptu Halloween Bash.  Good food, Good prices.  When your up in Mountain Top stop by for a quick lunch. Visit them @ Wheels

Center Street Hot Dog / Block Party

Vampira came down with the bug to the Hot Dog Block party on Center Street in the Hanover Section.  Yes, it was contagious,  But we loved it. About 200 hot dogs were passed out to ghosts, goblins, pirates and hobos.  There might have been a few little angles there as well. Hurricane Sandy hit the night of "Trick or Treat", fortunately Nanticoke was not hit as hard as a lot of other places.  So, the block party did go on.  During the day there were lingering  showers and although the evening was seasonably chilly the party did go on.
On a closing note:

Members of the Nanticoke Historical Society are working with Fr. Nash and St. Faustina's Parish Community Center to help bring the Arts back into town as well as  civic and community related events for the betterment of our town. The old St. Stan's Church makes for a fine small size hall for such work.
We plan on some upgrades and improvements and hope to have a first rate facility for everyone to enjoy.

  We appreciate and thank you for your support.